Cookie policy

Polaroil uses cookies for traffic measurement and continuous optimization of the website in order to improve the user experience and functionality. Cookies are a text message that typically places a temporary small filter on the computer that can obtain information about e.g. browser, operating system, connection type and other statistically relevant information.

Cookies may recognize your computer, but may not collect information about who you are or who uses your computer. You can reject cookies via your computer’s browser settings. Opting out of cookies will usually reduce the website’s functionality. It is also possible to delete already received cookies. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. In Internet Explorer, cookies are deleted e.g. under the menu “Functions” – “Internet settings” – “Delete cookies”.

Polaroil uses Google Analytics as a statistics and advertising tool. These tools allow you to follow a session around the site and allow Polaroil to customize the content according to relevance.