Vital supplies since 1774

As part of the KNI group, Polaroil’s history also dates to 1774, when the Royal Greenland Trade (KGH) was established. But it was not until 1948 that KNI (then KGH) built its first tank farm in Aasiaat. In 1949, Qaqortoq, Nuuk and Sisimiut followed.

Since then, Polaroil has grown steadily and today operates 70 plants across the country. In this way, we are a natural part of the large network that connects Greenland with vital supplies. Even in extreme weather conditions.

From our service center in Sisimiut, we must solve a complicated puzzle to provide the liquid energy that keeps Greenlandic homes warm, and the wheels of planes, ships, cars and industry. It is vital that the puzzle goes up every single time. So, several millions of liters of gas oils, gasoline, kerosene and jet fuel reach some of the world’s most vulnerable residents.

As a coastal culture, fishing is the main occupation and pollution is the biggest threat. We take pride in protecting natural and fish stocks, and thus also our traditional Greenlandic fishing and hunting culture. We cannot afford to be careless- either naturally or financially. That is why security and accountability are chiseled into our DNA. Both with employees and in our security policy.

More than standard products are needed for the Arctic climate. Therefore, all products we import are carefully adapted to the special application, storage and climate conditions in Greenland. All products fully comply with all international environmental regulations. As well as the safety and environmental measures that apply to the storage, treatment and transport of fuels in Arctic regions. It is an expertise that we have built up over many years in close collaboration with international suppliers and shipping companies.

We purchase, transport, store, distribute and sell consumer and environmentally friendly liquid fuels – all year round and to the whole of Greenland. These are primarily gas oils, aviation fuels, petroleum and petrol. It is also Polaroil’s task to ensure the Greenlandic market stable prices and the lowest possible costs.

The local distribution of liquid fuels in the cities takes place partly through Polaroil’s own organization and partly based on agreements with local oil dealers. In the settlements, this task is handled by the sister unit Pilersuisoq.

A newer business area is to service the international groups that operate within oil exploration and mining in Greenland.

We never compromise on safety and responsibility. These are the two words that permeate our business and everyday life. We operate in a high arctic area where both nature and the people are particularly vulnerable to oil pollution.

Therefore, the handling of liquid fuel requires very special precautions. All ships we use for fuel transport have ice class 1A.

Polaroil lives up to the highest international standards in quality and environmental management. Polaroil has continuously completed a modernization process of the company. This has, among other things, meant that Polaroil was ISO 9001 certified for the first time in 2011, since re-certified in 2014 and 2017. In addition, we were ISO 14001 certified in 2013 and re-certified in 2016. Polaroil was most recently re-certified in ISO 9001 in 2020 and ISO 14001 in 2019.

With approximately 430 tanks and at 70 locations throughout Greenland, there is a constant need for ongoing technical supervision. A task that, like all other areas of responsibility, is handled with the greatest focus on safety for people and the environment.

The ships Polaroil operates in the distribution of fuels along the coast of Greenland have ice class 1A.

The ship used to import fuel to Greenland has ice class 1A. Fuel imports take place in the period April-November to Kangerluarsoruseq, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

The ships also meet international standards and requirements from authorities for navigation in the Arctic.

Polaroil understands quality as the costumers’ overall experience of our services.

Costumers primarily evaluate our services on the following parameter:

  • Time delivery.
  • Compliance with minimum stocks.
  • Correct technical product quality.
  • Concern for the environment.
  • Competent, fast and friendly service.


Polaroil will:

  • Meet customer requirements and expectations for quality.
  • Continuously measure and improve quality.
  • Involve employees in improvement activities.
  • Develop employee competencies and attitudes.
  • Comply with relevant requirements as laid down in laws and


We never compromise on security in our business and everyday life. We are proud of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

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Pollution will have a direct consequence for our pantry and beautiful nature. That is why protecting the environment is our most important responsibility.

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It is our task to ensure the Greenlandic market with stable prices and the lowest possible costs.

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