Polaroil has 60 years of experience in importing and handling several million liters of gas oil, gasoline, kerosene and jet fuel for some of the world’s most exposed residents and businesses.

We are used to operating in the vast and magnificent Arctic environment, where towns and villages are scattered over enormous distances along a harsh and impassable coast, and with the inland ice as your nearest neighbor.

We know the sea routes – including when nature shows itself from its temperamental side. But we also know how vulnerable that environment is. For a coastal culture, fishing is the most important industry, and pollution is the biggest threat. We can’t afford to be careless – with nature or with money. That’s why safety and responsibility are etched into our DNA: both in the minds of our employees and in our safety policy.

We operate a total of 70 plants –16 tank installations in towns, 53 tank installations in villages, and one import plant. All towns and villages have storage facilities for lubricating oils and gases.

In addition to shipping, we are also active in the areas of oil exploration and mining.

Maritime industry

Greenland has a very unique infrastructure. Where other countries have highways, the sea is our primary transportation route. 

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Mining industry

Part of our future lies below the ice, buried deep in the rock. We believe that Greenland has a bright future as a mining nation.

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Other energy products

Polaroil supplies F-gas (propane) through a tank deposit system and T-gas (technical gases for industry) through a cylinder exchange system from our tank installations. 

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